Ind ráith di éis cach ríg iar n-óir…

Ind ráith di éis
cach ríg iar n-óir,
ocus int tslóig,
foait i n-úir.

(the * fortress * after
each * king * in turn
and * the * crowd
they-sleep * in * earth)

The royal residence stands
after every king in turn,
and as for that lot,
they lie in the ground.

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Ach ach as tind ar toirrthimm...

Ach ach as tind ar toirrthimm,
choimthind lind clach is cerchaill.

oh * oh * is * sore * our * sleep
equally sore * to us * stone * and * pillow

Sleep comes hard to me,
the pillow might as well be rock.

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Atá in spideog derg uli...

Atá in spideog derg uli, a Domnaill, ocus atusa am oenur.

is * the * robin * red * all * o * Domhnall * and * I am * in my * oneness

The robin is all red, Donald, and I am all alone.

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Fo chen aí...

Fochen aí,
bé shóer shonaisc.

(welcome * poetic art
lady * noble * well-linked)

Welcome, poetry,
noble, well-linked lady.

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Nirbat dergnat chuirmthigi...

Nirbat dergnat chuirmthigi
nir·fhácba do chlothaige;
nirbat muichnech i n-úathad
nirbat búaibnech sochaide.

(you should not be * flea * of ale house
you should not leave * your * fame
you should not be * melancholy * in * solitude
you should not be * boastful (one) * of crowd)

You should not be an ale-house flea.
You should not give up your reputation.
You should not mope in solitude.
You should not boast in a crowd.

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adba rón

adba rón

(abode * of seals)

the abode of seals = the sea

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Dia dá mhaoin is mairg do·ní.

Dia dá mhaoin is mairg do·ní.

(god * of his * wealth * is * woeful * makes)

Woe to him who makes a god of his wealth.

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Is é tadall ségainne...

Is é tadall ségainne
áit i fera céilide,
dotháet i tech, snaidid crann,
gaibid rann co éimige.

(is * it * visit * of * skill
place * in [which] * pours forth * social visiting
he comes * into * house * carves * wood
sings * quatrain * with * opportuneness)

It’s a skilfull visit
to a social gathering:
he comes inside, whittles a stick,
and sings an appropriate rhyme.

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Ná h-abair-se bréithir móir...

Ná h-abair-se bréithir móir
ná h-abair nach tibre chóir,
ór is nár a rádh co tenn
muna fedtar a comall.

(not * say [emphatic] * words * great
not * say * which-not * you might give * rightly
for * is * shame * its * saying * with * force
if not * is possible* its * fulfillment)

Don’t make grand statements
and don’t promise what you can’t rightly give,
for it is shameful to boast of things
that you cannot deliver.

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Corbat cara sluaig ...

Corbat cara sluaig,
Corbat roga ríg,
Corbat cruithnecht chaem,
Corbat craebh co fín.

(may you be * friend * of multitude
may you be * choice * of king(s)
may you be * wheat * lovely
may you be * branch * with * wine)

May you be the friend of many.
May you be the choice of kings.
May you be the beautiful wheat.
May you be the branch that yields wine.

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