Corbat cara sluaig ...

Corbat cara sluaig,
Corbat roga ríg,
Corbat cruithnecht chaem,
Corbat craebh co fín.

(may you be * friend * of multitude
may you be * choice * of king(s)
may you be * wheat * lovely
may you be * branch * with * wine)

May you be the friend of many.
May you be the choice of kings.
May you be the beautiful wheat.
May you be the branch that yields wine.

A blessing, in the form of a complete stanza in the metre known as lethrannaigecht mór, bestowed by Ailill Ólomm on his son Éogan Mór in the Middle Irish poem “A maccáin na cí”.

Topics: Verse Blessings & Good Wishes