Ní bhiann gort gan diasach fiadh...

Ní bhiann gort gan diasach fiadh…

(not * is habitually * field * without * ears of grain * wild)

There’s never a field of grain without some wild oats.

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Ná cuindig do chís ...

Ná cuindig do chís
for duine nad·fóel
is ferr úad a lleth
andá a meth mar óen.

(not * seek * your * rent
on * person * that will not bear
is * better * from him * the * half
than * their * failure * as * one)

Seek not to collect tribute
from one who cannot pay;
better to accept half from him
than to lose both man and money.

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Sinn ag loighe ar in lucht romhainn...

Sinn ag loighe ar in lucht romhainn,
lucht oile orainn san úaigh.

(we * at * lying * on * the * people * before us /
people * other * on us * in the * grave)

We rest on those who came before us,
and others will rest on us in the grave.

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Mad comairle duit do ben...

Mad comairle duit do ben,
nítbia talam, nítbia nem;
is mairg tréces na huili
ar grád anma óenduini.

(if would be * counsel * for you * your * wife/
you will not have * earth * you will not have * heaven/
is * pitiful * that abandons * the * all/
for * love * of soul * of one person)

If your wife would be your counsel,
you will have neither earth nor heaven;
woe to him who forsakes the whole
for the love of a single soul.

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Atá ben is tír...

Atá ben is tír
ní abar a hainm;
maidid esi a deilm
amal chloich a tailm!

(is * woman * in the * country /
not * I say * her * name /
breaks * from her * her * fart /
like * stone * out of * sling)

There’s a woman in the country,
I won’t say her name;
She lets a fart
like a stone from a sling!

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Ar in bith án astaither...

Ar in bith án astaither
A coraib bél bertaigter.

(for * the * world * splendid * is established /
from * contracts * of lips * that are proclaimed)

For the great world is secured
By contracts which are proclaimed.

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A Brigit bennach ar sét...

A Brigit bennach ar sét
nachar·tair bét ar ar cúairt;
a chaillech a l-Lifi lán
co·rísem slán ar tech úait.

(o * Brigit * bless * our * road /
that may not come to us * calamity * on * our * trip /
o * nun * from * Liffey * full /
may we reach * safe * our * house * from you)

O Brigit, bless our road,
that calamity may not overtake us as we travel;
O veiled one from the laden Liffey
may we reach home safely by your intercession.

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Is éicen do neoch a thecht...

Is éicen do neoch a thecht
cosin fót forsa mbí a thiglecht.

(is * necessity * for * one * his * going /
to the * place * on which * is always * his * last-grave)

Everyone must go at last
to the place of his death.

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Cách a bfuil acat i tig...

Cách a bfuil acat i tig
etir ith is blicht is mil,
nocha berair lat ar sét
in tan racha d’éc, a fhir.

(all * that * is * at you * in * house /
between * grain * and * milk * and * honey /
not * is carried * with you * on * road /
the * time * you will go * to death * o * man)

Everything you have at home,
all your honey, milk and grain,
you can’t take with you on the road
when, my friend, you go to death.

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Mór in bét!...

Mór in bét!
Immad sliged ocus sét
tar lebaid na sruthi soer,
tar nar chóir acht óen de chét.

(great * the * calamity /
abundance * of ways * and * paths /
across * bed * of the * streams * noble /
across * would not be * right * but * one * of * hundred)

What a pity!
Many are the roads and ways
across the bed of noble rivers,
yet only one in a hundred is right.

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