Atá ben is tír...

Atá ben is tír
ní abar a hainm;
maidid esi a deilm
amal chloich a tailm!

(is * woman * in the * country /
not * I say * her * name /
breaks * from her * her * fart /
like * stone * out of * sling)

There’s a woman in the country,
I won’t say her name;
She lets a fart
like a stone from a sling!

A quatrain found in the commentary on “Amra Choluim Chille” in LU (543-6). A more recent quatrain attributed to Blind Raftery has fun with the same theme:

A bhean úd thall a lig an broim,
is nach mór do shuim sa cheol;
Ní hionadh liom mar a chanas do bhéal,
is a fheabhas is a chanas do thóin.

Topics: Verse