Incantations & Spells

Trí bás úaim rohuccaiter...

Trí bás úaim rohuccaiter!
Trí áes dom dorataiter!
Secht tonna tacid dom dorodailter!

(three * death(s) * from me * may they be taken
threee * age(s) * to me * may they be given
seven * waves * of good fortune * to me * may they be poured out)

May three deaths be taken from me!
May three ages be given to me!
May seven waves of fortune be granted to me!

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Ropo chétach cétblíadnach...

Ropo chétach cétblíadnach, cech cét diib ar úair.

(may I be * hundredfold * hundred years * each * hundred * of them * by * time)

May I live for a hundred times a hundred years, each hundred of them in turn!

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Alt fri alt ocus féith fri féith!

Alt fri alt ocus féith fri féith!

(joint * to * joint * and * sinew * to * sinew)

Joint to joint and sinew to sinew!

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Adeochosa inna husci do chongnam frim.

Adeochosa inna husci do chongnam frim.

(I invoke * the * waters * for * helping * to me)

I call upon the waters to help me.

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A Brigit bennach ar sét...

A Brigit bennach ar sét
nachar·tair bét ar ar cúairt;
a chaillech a l-Lifi lán
co·rísem slán ar tech úait.

(o * Brigit * bless * our * road /
that may not come to us * calamity * on * our * trip /
o * nun * from * Liffey * full /
may we reach * safe * our * house * from you)

O Brigit, bless our road,
that calamity may not overtake us as we travel;
O veiled one from the laden Liffey
may we reach home safely by your intercession.

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Ordu Thomais togaide...

Ordu Thomáis togaide
i tóeb Críst cen chinaid
ron-ícca mo déta cen guba
ar chruma is ar idain.

(thumb * of Thomas * chosen /
in * side * of Christ * without * guilt /
that it may heal * my * teeth * without * lamentation /
before * worms * and * before * pangs)

May the thumb of chosen Thomas
in the side of sinless Christ
heal my teeth without lament
from worms and from pains.

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Cris nathrach mo chris...

Cris nathrach mo chris, nathair ima·tá:
náram·gonat fir, náram·millet mná.

(belt * of snake * my * belt * snake * that is around /
may not wound me * men * may not destroy me * women)

My belt is a snake belt, a snake that wraps around:
may men not wound me, may women not destroy me!

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Rop soraid in sét-sa...

Rop soraid in sét-sa,
rop sét lessa im lámaib;
Críst credal fri demnaib,
fri armaib, fri áraib!

(may be * smooth/pleasant * the * road-this /
may be * road * of benefit * in my * hands /
Christ * holy * against * demons /
against * weapons * against * slaughters)

May this journey be pleasant,
may it be a journey of profit in my hands;
holy Christ against demons,
against weapons, against slaughters!

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