Trí bás úaim rohuccaiter...

Trí bás úaim rohuccaiter!
Trí áes dom dorataiter!
Secht tonna tacid dom dorodailter!

(three * death(s) * from me * may they be taken
threee * age(s) * to me * may they be given
seven * waves * of good fortune * to me * may they be poured out)

May three deaths be taken from me!
May three ages be given to me!
May seven waves of fortune be granted to me!

These lines are part of a much longer prayer for long life which begins “Ad·muiniur secht n-ingena trethan” (“I invoke the seven daughters of the sea”). Kuno Meyer edited and translated it for the first time in “Miscellanea Hibernica”, where he attributed it to Fer fio macc Fabri. P. L. Henry also edited and translated it in “Dánta Ban”.

For another portion of this “ortha” (poem or incantation), see “Ropo chétach cétblíadnach” in this collection.

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