Rop soraid in sét-sa...

Rop soraid in sét-sa,
rop sét lessa im lámaib;
Críst credal fri demnaib,
fri armaib, fri áraib!

(may be * smooth/pleasant * the * road-this /
may be * road * of benefit * in my * hands /
Christ * holy * against * demons /
against * weapons * against * slaughters)

May this journey be pleasant,
may it be a journey of profit in my hands;
holy Christ against demons,
against weapons, against slaughters!

This is the first stanza of a poem of three stanzas, possibly composed by Máel Ísu Úa Brolcháin, and edited and translated by Kuno Meyer in Ériu, vol. 6, p. 112.

Topics: Verse Blessings & Good Wishes Incantations & Spells