Sonus lomma ...

Sonus lomma is lenna lir,
buáid comairle in cech caingin,
búaid comperta, clú co mbail,
búaid creiche adiu, buáid slúagaid.

(luck * of milk * and * of ale * plentiful
victory * of counsel * in * every * affair
victory * of conception * fame * with * prosperity
victory * of raid * from here * victory * of military expedition)

Luck of milk and of plentiful ale,
successful advice in every matter,
success in procreation, fame with prosperity,
success in raiding hence, and victory in war.

A blessing from St. Colmán in Betha Colmáin maic Lúacháin, edited by Kuno Meyer in Todd Lecture Series, No. 17.

Topics: Blessings & Good Wishes War