Rotbia lim greim Dé fodéin...

Rotbia lim greim Dé fodéin,
rotbia m’ordan co glanléir,
grían ocus ésca ’mole,
muir is tír, drúcht is daithe.

(you will have * with me * grip * of God * (him)self
you will have * my honor * with * bright-clear
sun * and * moon * along with it
sea * and * land * dew * and * light)

You will have from me God’s own grip.
You will have my honour bright,
the sun and the moon as well,
sea and land, dew and light.

This quatrain from part 30 of “Saltair na Rann” is an oath that takes God, personal honor, and the elements as sureties. It is more or less equivalent to “I swear by all that is holy”.

Topics: Oaths