Rath fortsu dano ⁊ for fir t’inaid...

Rath fortsu dano ⁊ for fir t’inaid ina lóg sin, ⁊ nirab écen iarfaigid fir t’inaid do grés in cach airiucht i mbia.

(good fortune * on you * then * and * on * man * of your place * in its * reward * that * and * may there not be * need * of protection * of man * of your place * for * ever * in * every * assembly * in * which he will be)

Prosperity on you then and on your successor in reward for that, and may the protection of your successor be forever unnecessary in any assembly in which he is!

Lí Bán delivers this effusive blessing in exchange for the offer of a purple cloak in “Aided Echach Meic Maireda” (LU 3114-15). For other examples of the use of the “fer t(h)’inaid” in blessings and curses, see “Dolma n-aithisc for fer th’inaid do grés” and “Sonus ocus degfhéth tria bithu d’fhir th’inaid do grés” in this collection.

Topics: Blessings & Good Wishes