Ní flaith téchtae...

Ní flaith téchtae nád ingella laith ar cach ndomnach.

(not * ruler * legitimate * that not * promises * ale * on * every * Sunday)

A rightful ruler provides beer on Sundays.

This maxim is found in paragraph 41 of the 8th century legal text “Críth Gablach”. A good ruler was expected to be a generous host to his people. A failure of hospitality on his part could call his rule into question. In “Cath Maige Tuired”, the Túatha Dé turn against Bres, their king, because he did not “grease their knives” (níptar béoluide a scénai) and because however often they visited him, when they left “their breath did not smell of beer” (níptar cormaide a n-análai).

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