Liridir fri gainem mara...

Liridir fri gainem mara,
nó fri drithlenna tened
nó fri drúcht i mmatain chétamain
nó fri renna nime

(as numerous * as * sand * of sea
or * as * sparks * of fire
or * as * dew * in * morning * of May Day
or * as * stars * of sky)

As numerous as the sand of the sea
or as the sparks of a fire
or as the dew on a May morning
or as the stars of the sky

This run of similes is found in Aislinge Meic Con Glinne (lines 133-34). What exactly was so numerous in this case were “míla ⁊ dergnatta ic guilbniugud a choss” (lice and fleas nibbling at his leg)!

Topics: Similes, Metaphors & Kennings