Gel cech núa, sásad nglé...

Gel cech núa, sásad nglé,
utmall álcha ócduine,
áilli bretha bíte im sheirc,
milsi bríathra fir thochmairc.

(bright * every * new thing * satisfaction * clear /
unsteady * desires * of young man /
beautiful * decisions* that are * around * love /
sweet * words * of man * of wooing)

Everything new is shiny, a bright enjoyment,
restless are a young man’s desires,
beautiful are decisions about love,
sweet the words of a man who’s courting.

This stanza was written into the top margin of page 121a of LL, and has been slightly edited to normalize it. For another instance of the phrase “is gel cach núa”, see “Is álaind cech nderg” in this collection.

Topics: Verse Love & Sex