Fó mo ruach...

Fó mo ruach!
Comrac fri mnaí mo druad:
sech romfácaib mo bhean féin,
bean mo druad ní romaithgéin.

(good * my * mire /
[sexual] encounter * with * wife * of my * druid /
besides * (that) has left me * my * wife * own /
wife * of my * druid * not * has recognized me)

Mine is a fine mess!
A tryst with my druid’s wife:
not only has my own wife left me,
my druid’s wife ignores me.

This lone stanza is embedded in a compilation of lore surrounding the idiot saint Mac Dá Cherda and St. Cummaine of Foda, edited and translated by J. G. O’Keeffe in Ériu, volume 5. Alan Harrison in “The Irish Trickster” explains that Mac Dá Cherda lost his sanity as a result of this episode, after the aggrieved druid cursed him.

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