Doberar béimm n-etargaire ina chinn.

Doberar béimm n-etargaire ina chinn.

(is given * blow * of mediator * in his * head)

The mediator gets a blow on the head.

Triad # 135 in “Trecheng Breth Féne” lists three unlucky undertakings: ráthaiges (acting as a “paying surety” – something like co-signing a loan), etargaire (acting as a mediator or peace-maker), and fíadnaise (giving evidence as a witness). The above statement explains just why getting between two quarreling parties is not such a good idea!

A much later proverb from “A Miscellany” makes the same point in these words: “Bé théid as nó ná téid, ní théid fear na h-eadaragála. = No matter who comes off well, the peace maker is sure to come off ill.” A Scottish version from the same collection say “Is minig a fhuair fear h-eadraiginn buille.”

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