Díambad messe in banmaccán...

Díambad messe in banmaccán
no·cechrainn cach felmaccán,
fer nád·fintar co·cluinter,
slánchéill chéin dúib, a muinter.

(if were * I * the * girl /
I would love * every * young student /
man * that is not known * until he is heard /
sound-sense * long * to you * o * (my) people)

If I were a girl,
I’d love every student,
a man you don’t know till you’ve heard him;
I wish you all the best, my people.

A stanza found in the “Auraicept” (ll.533-6), which seems to argue that the young intellectual in his worn cloak may not look like much, but that his golden tongue has its own charms.

Topics: Verse Love & Sex