Dia tí íasc i n-inbera...

Dia tí íasc i n-inbera
rot-bia éo co lleith araile;
Dia tí íall i mmag
rot-bia cauth co lleith araile.

(if * come * fish * into * estuaries / you will have * salmon * with * half * other / if * come * flock * into * plain / you will have * goose * with * half * other)

If fish come to the rivermouths
you will have a salmon, and more.
If a flock comes to the plain
you will have a goose, and more.

An elaborate friendly greeting, spoken by Cú Chulainn to Fergus in the LU version of “Táin Bó Cúailnge”.

Topics: Greetings & Farewell