Bendacht duine, bendacht Dé ...

Bendacht duine, bendacht Dé,
robet ort ule ’malle,
fort chlaind, fort chiniud cen cess
nachus·tarla anfaitchess.

(blessing * of man * blessing * of god
may-they-be * on-you * all * together
on-your * children * on-your * offspring * without * sorrow
not-to-them · may-happen * calamity)

Man’s blessing and God’s blessing,
may they all be on you together,
on your children, on your offspring unscathed,
may no calamity befall them.

A blessing bestowed by St. Colmán in Betha Colmáin maic Lúacháin, as edited by Kuno Meyer in No. 17 of the Todd Lecture Series.

Topics: Blessings & Good Wishes