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I've gathered the quotations from a wide variety of published sources, and they date from a range of centuries. For both these reasons the spelling shows a good deal of variation. In the future, I'd like to impose a more consistent orthographic standard throughout the corpus, to the extent possible.

As for the categories, there are necessarily overlaps and gray areas. I have dealt with this by assigning some items to more than one category, and by making semi-arbitrary executive decisions about others. The distinction between "Maxims & Wise Counsel" and "Proverbial Sayings" is particularly vague at times. Generally speaking, the latter tend more toward commonplaces and clichéd expression rather than aphorisms or "good advice".

I continue to add quotations to the site. You can see the latest by choosing "View All", where the newest additions appear at the top. The number in parentheses after "View All" represents the current grand total of quotations.

The search engine will take you to all the entries that contain a particular word, whether Irish or English.

Ároisc, roscada, ríagail,
's tecusca fíra Fithail,
dubláidi dindshenchais dait,
tecusca Cairpri is Chormaic.

Maxims, proverbs, principle,
and true teachings of Fíthal,
dark lays of placename lore for you,
teachings of Cairbre and Cormac.